Whelping Contract

- I, Leo Garcia owner of Garcia's Bulldogs agrees to take ___________________________________and ______ puppies owned by 

______________________________ until puppies are weaned(4 weeks) at which time the female will be picked up by the owner.

- Puppies can remain in Garcia's Bulldogs care until 10 weeks of age at which time if they are not all sold other arrangements will need to be made. This includes being picked up by the owner or additional charges will be added. Any extra days after 4 weeks of age will be charge $50 per day.

-The owner of the female is required to provide food for the female only. Garcia's Bulldogs will provide food for the puppies, including any formula the puppies may need

-Garcia's Bulldogs agrees to take excellent care of the female and her puppies. Using every precaution available to insure they are all healthy and happy. However some things are unpreventable no matter how well they are taken care of. The female and puppies will have access to 24 hour Vet service and the owner will be notified immediately of any situation that should arise. Any charges that occur during this time will be paid in full by the owner upon receipt from the Vet. Garcia's Bulldogs will not be responsible for any injuries, sickness and or death that occurs while under the Veterinarian's care.

-Garcia's Bulldogs will not be responsible for any injuries, sickness and or death that is considered a normal and unpreventable occurrence when whelping puppies. Garcia's Bulldogs is found to be at fault due to neglect and or not seeking the proper care for the dog/puppies than reimbursement for the situation will be given.

By signing below you are agreeing to the terms stated in the contract above.

______________________________________________    date_____________

______________________________________________    date_____________