Caring for your new English bulldog puppy


Be aware that English Bulldog puppies are temperature sensitive.•Bulldogs can suffer from heat stroke very easily. Be sure to keep him cool enough in summer months. Any temperature of 90 degrees or above can be very dangerous. If you take your him out during a hot day, be sure to wet them down and provide unlimited water to drink. Keep their time out to a minimum during extreme heat.
•Bulldog puppies can get cold very easily, be sure to keep him in a warm environment during colder months to avoid catching a cold. During winter months, it may be necessary to keep him warm by using a sweater or sweatshirt and doggie booties while outside. He should not be kept in temperatures of 60 degrees or less for extended periods of time.
If you want to change brands, do so slowly. Mix 1/2 and 1/2 for a week, then 1/4 and 3/4 for a week, then full change over.
•Feed him three times a day on a schedule for the first four months after arrival.
•At 6 months they can start to cut back to 2 times a day and at 12 months to once to twice a day. Provide clean fresh water at all times.
You may have to rinse his bowl out with warm soapy water several times a day, as he will leave a slimy residue in it after he drinks from it.
Be aware that he will be teething when he arrives home. Please be sure to provide many chew toys to help with this transitional period. Cow hooves can be found at many pet stores and are recommended. Stay away from pig ears and cheap rawhide, and "greenies" as these can cause severe diarrhea, bloat and are a chocking hazard.
Watch out for illness. If your Bulldog develops diarrhea then stop all food for 12 hours. If it persists for more than 24 hours contact your veterinarian immediately to prevent dehydration. Puppies can dehydrate very rapidly so it is to be taken seriously when needed.
Give your new baby lots of attention, love and instruction. They are just like kids and need to be taught how to behave and fit into their new environment. They are not baby geniuses, nor are they mind readers. They need patience and repetition with much positive reinforcement. If you cannot handle a problem that your encountering then contact a local professional canine behavior specialist, as all behaviors can be modified. There is always hope and resolve!
As with other popular Breeds, Bulldogs are genetically predisposed to Atopic Dermatitis / Allergies. Research indicates that of the 30% of Canines who do suffer from Allergies, 85% suffer from allergy to Pollens, Mites & Mold Spores. 


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